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5 best Castles in Wales

What are the 5 best castles in Wales?

The castles in Wales between the Norman Invasion in 1066 and the Civil War in England in 1651 were attacked by a succession of armies, attempting to dominate both the landscape and people of Wales. Castles vary significantly in size, construction and probably purpose. There are many castles of differing constructions throughout Wales .The following are a selection of my favourite castles :-

  • Castell Coch constructed in the 1870’s for the third Marquess of Bute designed by the architect William Burgess. Castell Coch is lavishly decorated for use as a summer residence for the Marquess. The interior is decorated with symbolic imagery driver from Classical mythology, fables and medieval stories. Situated a few miles west of Cardiff.
  • Caerphilly Castle construction commenced in 1268 nobleman Gilbert de Clare to ward  off Llywelyn ap Gruffudd. At 30 acres Caerphilly is Britain’s earliest concentric castle and the largest in Wales. Spectacular castle.
  • Carreg Cennen Castle is perched on a rocky crag 100m above the River Cennen. Constructed around 1300, damaged in 1403 by Owain Glyndwr and destroyed 50 years later in Wars of the Roses. Children will love this castle.
  • Kidwelly Castle is set on earthworks above the River Gwendraeth estuary on the site of a 12th century fort. Besieged by Owain Glyndwr in 1403, its tiny garrison of 20 odd archers held out until relieved.
  • Laugharne Castle originated as a Norman earthwork fortress around 1100. in the mid 13th century the forth was rebuilt in stone by Guy de Brian. Elizabeth 1st gave Laugharne Castle to Sir John Perrot in 1575 who converted it into a mansion similar to his own at Carew.
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Laugharne Castle.

  • Caernarfon Castle the most spectacular and famous of the castles in wales. Construction commenced in 1283 and was intended as a seat of government. The son of Edward the 1st was born there in 1284 and the Prince of Wales investiture was held there in 1969.