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The Chickens

Time has rolled by (as it does) whether you want it to or not. The existing chickens at Tan yr Eglwys have more or less become a fixture or fitting however Elin was not satisfied with white eggs, brown eggs and blue eggs. She took the matter into her own hands and appeared home with three “point of lay” pullets that were reputed to lay “green” eggs. It is now 31st January 2017, the days are getting longer which should lead to the chickens at Tan yr Eglwys starting to lay and the mystery eggs will be laid.

What colour will the mystery eggs be? Green, greeny brown, greeny blue or simply browny green!



When children stay at Tan yr Eglwys cottages we encourage them (with parents obviously) to come and feed the chickens and collect eggs. It is a delight to see children interacting with the chickens possibly for the first time in their lives. Children are really keen to get back to the cottage to cook the eggs they have just collected. When you have eaten a freshly laid egg (literally only minutes or indeed hours old) shop bought/supermarket eggs come a very poor second.

What colour will the mystery eggs be?