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Are there any animals to see near the cottages?

Many families come to stay and this gives them a great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding countryside and see what animals they can discover. Spotting a different animal each day could be a great distraction and an easy way of enticing out of doors for a daily walk.


We live nearby and usually have some hens ( providing Foxy has not been visiting recently). We are happy for guests to walk over with prior arrangement, so that we can ensure that hens can be fed , possibly let out and some eggs can be found to be taken home for cooking.


Likewise there are horses and ponies here that delight in having attention, again please arrange to come over if brave enough to feed a carrot or apple. Please do not feed without our presence.


These are all around us, each pathway from the church generally has sheep nearby. Up the narrow lane to the right of the church are sometimes some Suffolk sheep with their distinctive black heads and lighter coloured bodies. Walking down from the cottage through the fields, you may see some Jacob’s Sheep, these are a piebald markings, ie patches of light and dark wool and large horns.


Continue down the path further and alpacas may be spotted? Otherwise walk from the church towards the bridge and post box and peer over the hedge to see them. If the alpacas are of added interest, then a far more hands on experience can be had by visiting the Alpaca sanctuary in nearby Pontardawe.


Cows and the occasional bull are seen in several fields, generally walk from the bridge to the lodge and beyond. How many breeds can you observe? Look out for the occasional Highland cow.


There are free range pigs and sometimes piglets to see. Turn right at the Lodge, go down Cwmnantllwyd Rd towards Gellinudd. Just before the second sharp bend, on the left there are some pigs kept. Or walk further down through the houses, having just passed Cwmnantllwyd Farmhouse on the left. When you see the postbox a little further down the road, take the small lane on the left before the first bungalow after the field. Walk along this public footpath for just a 1/4 mile and there are again various sized pigs living free range in the woodland. Follow the path onwards for another 1/4 mile until reaching the country lane, turn left to walk up Plas Road to reach Church Rd that brings you back to the cottages.


On Cwmnantllwyd Road, between the 2 locations to spot the pigs, you may also see (or hear) 2 friendly donkeys.

Apart from all the farm animals, for those who observe, there are plenty of wild animals to be seen, from grey squirrels galore, dormice, spot the mole trails plus chirpy birds all around. There are many birdsongs to identify, numerous birds in the hedgerows and overhanging trees. However also do not be surprised to see red kites soaring above the fields, or an occasional Gos Hawk sits on the nearby telegraph poles in the fields, waiting to swoop down on unsuspecting wildlife below.


If visits are made to feed the hens or ponies, then mention has to be made of our 2 cats. They are usually to be seen over near our own house on the farm, but they have been known to occasionally follow us to the cottages. Whilst they both love the attention, the white one is the showman, the small black cat being far more timid, however please do not encourage them into the cottages – it must remain a pet free zone please.

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