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Location: Supermarkets

Supermarkets, are there any  nearby?

Oh how I dislike that question! You are indeed coming to stay in a cottage in a tiny hamlet, but there are supermarkets galore in every direction – including several open 24 hours. On a serious note, the area is well served by most of the well known supermarket chains, the only supermarket not present is the “W word”. For some reason or other the “W word” have not ventured further West into Wales than Cardiff. Most of the supermarkets do provide a “home delivery” service.

However, as holidays are often a time for adventures, we would like to suggest the alternative!  All areas of Britain have their own specialities of food and drink and recently the interest has grown, allied to a keen desire to know the source of our food products Here on our doorstep in Pontardawe, there are at least two butchers which are as good as any butcher anywhere. The quality of their meat is superb and they are superb butchers (masters of their craft). If there is a particular cut or joint of meat that you require simply ask at these butchers and they will endeavour to get it for you. If you are uncertain, do just ask for their recommendations, everyone is happy to help and make suggestions.

Likewise there are vegetable shops that sell predominantly local sourced/grown produce and also a local fishmonger.  Or if you venture 4 miles to Neath the covered indoor market has a selection of butchers shops and vegetable & fruit shops. There is even a fish shop that sells as much locally caught fish as they can obtain. Unfortunately by their own admission the majority of their fish is caught off the coast of Scotland. Still that’s better than the Vietnamese cobbler fish sold in the local supermarkets.

Also in Neath town centre is a shop as close to a patisserie you will find anywhere in Wales. Creme de la Creme by name, by reputation and by quality of produce. Well worth a visit and whilst you’re there you might as well buy a cake/patisserie. Try the macaroons they are superb.